Why Real Madrid might give up on Chelsea superstar

Real Madrid football club is considering the signing of Chelsea superstar in the late time but it could be stopped because of the relationship between the incoming coach and Eden Hazard.

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Eden Hazard was a long target for real Madrid but the current need of a world class coach to deliver the club from poor state arises the need for the service of Antonio Conte to Real madrid.

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Antonio Conte and Eden Hazard is not in a good term because of a speech credited to Hazard immediately the departure  of Antonio Conte that "the players would now be free from defensive style of play" when he found his form at the arrival of new coach Maurizo Sarri.

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Antonio Conte is not a fan of Eden Hazard before he was sacked by the club because of his relationship in the dressing room and his personal relationship among Antonio Conte and Eden Hazard.

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